[vtk-developers] Recent change to vtkTexture.h adds compiler warnings

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 05:06:42 EDT 2008

2008/6/26 David Cole <david.cole at kitware.com>:
> Actually never mind about trying that... It will end up being irrelevant.
> The problem is that we were trying to use an enum type in the
> vtkGetMacro/vtkSetMacro paradigm. We can't do that in the public API of a
> vtkObject because the wrapper layers don't handle enum types properly. The
> types of the variables will be switched to "int" so that they are wrapped
> into tcl and python properly and this problem will go away as a result of
> that...

I had done something similar in vtkCellType.h. I changed all the
#define into a big enum, with the proper -W flags it would tell me if
I was missing a cell or not in the C++ code. I agree that the wrapping
process currently does not support enums, still in c++ code it is a
time saver.

2 cts,

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