[vtk-developers] progressive rendering

Kaushik . shekhar.kaushik at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 00:48:01 EDT 2008

> vtkRenderer::EraseOff() and vtkRenderWindow::EraseOff() is what you
> are looking for.

 may be it is . It will try using it.

But let me frame the problem better.
Within the RequestData() function of my filter , I have a while loop which
the polydata that needs to be generated. So in every pass of the while loop,
part of the triangles get generated.

If I use the EraseOff() method , every pass of the while loop will be one
pipeline update . Am I correct ? So I would have to write a wrapper that
would update the pipeline multiple times and some kind of state would have
be maintained within my filter so that it can generate output properly ?

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