[vtk-developers] Why Translucent objects can't be picked ?

Julian Ibarz julian.ibarz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 04:48:29 EDT 2008


I'm doing a CAD viewer and for seeing internal pieces of an object i make
the englobant pieces of the object translucent. But i want to pick this
pieces with pick color. For some reason i don't know the translucent objects
are not drawn in the pick color rendering. I made a trick to render them
(changing vtkRenderer::UpdateGeometryForSelection()) and i see a difference
: the translucent geometry becames opaque when they are picked but the
picking results doesn't have them so my problem is not solved but it shows
that we can if we want pick the translucent geometries.

So my question is : why we can't decide to make the translucent geometries
picked or not (with a flag in the pickers) ?

Julian Ibarz
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