[vtk-developers] Fwd: About constructing a 3D geographical surface

John Ownsoul mongwarrior at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 20 10:45:02 EDT 2007

Dear Fellows;

I can import x,y,z values from my file and bring them into a vector. But i
couldn't understand what to do then. Could you help me to write the Java
code or algorithm? Or, if it is possible, could you send me the file which
contains the coordinates and resistivity values, and a code which reads the
file and visualize it?

Here is my code:

            File file = new File("file.txt");

	    FileInputStream fis = null;
	    BufferedInputStream bis = null;
	    DataInputStream dis = null;
	    fis = new FileInputStream(file);
	    bis = new BufferedInputStream(fis);
	    dis = new DataInputStream(bis);
	    String temp;,
	    vtkIdList ids = new vtkIdList();
	    vtkPoints points = new vtkPoints(); 
	    vtkDoubleArray values = new vtkDoubleArray();
	   values.SetNumberOfTuples(19470);    // i have 1970 points
            double x,y,z,r;
	    int qwe=0;   //qwe is the counter
            //x,y,z values are the coordinates
            // r is the resistivity value
	    while (dis.available() != 0)
	    	processLine(temp); //this method generates the coordinates and the
resistivity value from the variable "temp"

	    	System.out.println("x : " + x + ", y : " + y + ", z : " + z + ",
resist. : " + r );
	    	points.InsertPoint(qwe, x, y, z);

             // i could only write this code.

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