[vtk-developers] VTK CVS broken: vtkInformationExecutivePortVectorKey and vtkExecutive link error in Debug only

David C Thompson dcthomp at sandia.gov
Thu Oct 18 18:54:14 EDT 2007

> >> Oddly, I do not see this problem on any dashboard.  But we have reproed
> >> this on two machine, with fresh checkouts and fresh builds.
> >I certainly never saw it before I committed the move but perhaps I
> >didn't build static libraries? Could all of this be caused by
> >vtkSetObjectMacro() calling GetClassName() inside a vtkDebugMacro()?
> >With VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS turned on, does the vtkExecutive::Register() call
> >(also in vtkSetObjectMacro) also ask for the class name of the
> >vtkExecutive object? If so, it might be more difficult.
> Normally, I do build both as static libs and with VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS.  As a
> test, I tried also as shared libs, and without VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS, and
> without VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE, but I still get the same link error.

Odd, it worked for me with shared libs + VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS -
VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE. If I don't hear back from Brad about how his
"radical" solution might work with wrappers, I'll get the
vtkInformationBase solution checked in over the weekend.


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