[vtk-developers] XML readers/writers with user streams

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Jun 29 11:07:10 EDT 2007

Goodwin Lawlor wrote:
> It seems to be working for me ok... but I haven't tested it extensively. 
> I did hit a problem with "Stream->seekp(0)" in vtkXMLWriter - it causes
> the failbit to be set... this is a "feature" apparently:
> http://groups.google.ie/group/comp.lang.c++/browse_thread/thread/c9a72c04dd8e98e/
> . Using "Stream->clear()" sorts it out though.
> Also, "this->DataStream->SetStream(0);" had to moved into the "if" block
> in vtkXMLWriter::CloseFile().
> If anyone is interested I'll put the vtkStringStream class and the
> patches to vtkXMLWriter/vtkXMLReader up on the bug tracker as an idea.



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