[vtk-developers] New build error in 64 bits

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Jun 20 11:55:16 EDT 2007

By very recently, they mean as in the email that started this thread:

The error is caused by a recent change in VTK:

Line 1167 and 1187:
vtkTypeInt64 *ptr = ((vtkTypeInt64Array *)array)-
vtkTypeUInt64 *ptr = ((vtkTypeUInt64Array *)array)-

On 6/20/07, Brad King <brad.king at kitware.com> wrote:
> Sean McBride wrote:
> > On 6/18/07 6:19 PM, Brad King said:
> >
> >> as the type sizes are configured properly in the CMake
> cache.  Universal
> >> binaries create a serious problem here if the different architectures
> >> can have different type sizes.  We can work around it on the compiler
> >> level by using the proprocessor appropriately.  Getting the Tcl
> wrappers
> >> to behave is a whole new problem.
> >
> > Not to be a pest :), but what's the plan here? :)
> >
> > For us, building 4-way universal binaries is a must, and it has been
> > working until very recently.
> What do you mean by "very recently"?  The vtkType stuff has been there
> for 2 years almost unchanged. AFAICT this should have always been a
> problem.
> A temporary solution is to follow your proposal to consider long long
> before long when looking for a 64-bit integer type.  Let's go with that
> for now.
> The real problem is that the vtkTypeInt64Array class is defined
> differently depending on the architecture.  Instead of generating the
> class it should make the selection at preprocessing time.  Some kind of
> hack will have to be put in to the Tcl wrappers to make the same
> selection at preprocessing time when compiling the wrappers.
> -Brad
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