[vtk-developers] New build error in 64 bits

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Jun 18 18:19:15 EDT 2007

Sean McBride wrote:
> We suspect that those vtkTypeFooArray classes are somehow autogenerated,
> right?  If so, when does that happen?  Our guess is that it only happens
> once, and thus the problem...

That's correct.  The vtkType*Array classes are generated by
VTK/Common/CMakeLists.txt to match the type selections in the C++ code.
 The idea is that the Tcl wrappers need to have a real class to wrap
because they do not understand typedefs, and we want the user to be able
to write

  vtkTypeInt64Array myarray

in Tcl (or similarly in Python or Java) and get an array with the proper
scalar size.

The entire design of vtkType* stuff is based on having only one
architecture per build tree.  It even works for cross-compiling as long
as the type sizes are configured properly in the CMake cache.  Universal
binaries create a serious problem here if the different architectures
can have different type sizes.  We can work around it on the compiler
level by using the proprocessor appropriately.  Getting the Tcl wrappers
to behave is a whole new problem.


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