[vtk-developers] Generator for linear and non-linear VTK cells

Soeren Gebbert soerengebbert at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:19:57 EDT 2007

Dear developers,
i have implemented a simple cell generator, to support the debugging of
the non linear cell types im developing. The program called
"vtkcellgen" is a very simple cell generator to support the generation
of several linear, quadratic and cubic VTK cell types.
Based on one cell type a flat plate (unstructured grid) will be created with
a specific number of
cells in x and y direction. The output is written as
VTK legacy ASCII format to stdout or a specified file.

It is possible to generate large datasets with variable z elevation,
for performance and tessellation tests.
Here is a screenshot of a dataset generated with vtkcellgen. 20x30
tri-cubic-hexahedrons are
visualized with a modified version of paraview-2.6.1:

The program is implemented in simple C and has no dependences to VTK or
other libraries.

These cell types are supported:
    VTK_POLY_VERTEX                       2
    VTK_QUAD                              9
    VTK_HEXAHEDRON                        12
    VTK_QUADRATIC_TRIANGLE                22
    VTK_QUADRATIC_QUAD                    23
    VTK_QUADRATIC_HEXAHEDRON              25
    VTK_QUADRATIC_WEDGE                   26
    VTK_BIQUADRATIC_QUAD                  28
    VTK_QUADRATIC_LINEAR_QUAD             30
    VTK_CUBIC_EDGE                        34
    VTK_BICUBIC_QUAD                      36
    VTK_TRICUBIC_HEXAHEDRON               37

The cubic cell types are not available for now, but in case i get the
implementation stable
and the tessellator and derivation functions running, i will try to make
them public.

The link to the sources of the cell generator:

Maybe you are interested.

Best regards
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