[vtk-developers] TestSobel2D-image dashboard failures, anyone know anything about this?

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Tue Jul 10 11:13:52 EDT 2007

On 7/10/07 10:54 AM, Bill Lorensen said:

>I notice that the code in ITK's version of DICOMParser just "break"'s for
>both VR_FL and VR_FD. No swapping is done. I have more confidence in the ITK
>implementation than I do in the VTK implementation.


Sounds good.  Should be the same as Mathieu's previous patch (at
runtime) since the 'default' case just breaks too.

Shall we check this in then?

>Note though, we
>recommend using GDCM in ITK. DICOMParser remains for backward compatibility.

We are investigating this not because we use it, but because we're
trying to get the dashboards greener.  There are very few Mac VTK
dashboards, and almost all of them have failing tests.  We actually do
our DICOM reading with ITK.


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