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Linus Sherrill lsherrill at infoscitex.com
Mon Nov 13 13:15:42 EST 2006


I am using the new vtkBalloonWidget to provide hover/tool-tips behavior
to an application. The feature is operating as expected with the
exception of the text is being rendered behind all the objects rather
than in front. The display is rather dense and the text is usually
unreadable because it is obscured by the glyphs being displayed.

I looked at the 2D properties associates with the
vtkBalloonRepresentation because there was a foreground/background
option there. Foreground was already in effect and setting it again had
no effect. Is there any other control available to force the text to be
rendered on top of all other objects?

Thanks for any help




Linus Sherrill

InfoSciTex Corp.

Email: lsherrill at infoscitex.com


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