[vtk-developers] GLSL shader/shaderprogram etc

Gary J. Templet gjtempl at sandia.gov
Wed May 3 12:17:39 EDT 2006

Hi John,

As Ken pointed out, vtkShaderProgram and vtkShader were designed to be 
agnostic as to the shader implementation. However, currently, 
vtkShaderProgram::LoadExtension() does try to load GL extensions. Your 
changes are a logical extension of the code as found in the repository.

Having said that, I think vtkShaderProgram::LoadExtension() should not 
try to load GL extensions or any api-specific settings or extensions. 
Instead, vtkShaderProgram::LoadExtensions would become a virtual or pure 
virtual function to be implemented by descendants of vtkShaderProgram.

I'd prefer to see:
- GL-specific code in vtkShaderProgram::LoadExtensions()  moved to 
vtkGLSLShaderProgram::LoadExtensions (vtkGLSLShaderProgram seem to be 
the only class to call this anyway)
- your GL 1.4/1.5 code implemented as a descendant of 
vtkGLSLShaderProgram, or in vtkGLSLShaderProgram directly.

Basically, vtkShaderProgram::LoadExtensions() is in the wrong class, IMHO.



John Biddiscombe wrote:
> Ken
> Sending you files off list. If anyone else is interested, then I'll go 
> back on list.
> NB. ShaderProgram was modified because it has the central 
> LoadExtensions call. Other than that it is untouched.
> JB
>> John,
>> I would like to see your changes before you check them in.  Your email
>> was not exactly clear, but I am assuming you mean you added code to use
>> the GL_ARB_vertex_program and GL_ARB_fragment_program extensions.  From
>> what you described, I think I would like to see some changes before that
>> code gets back into VTK.  Your description gives me two main
>> reservations.
>> First, the vtkShaderProgram was meant to be agnostic to the
>> implementation of the shader.  It should not matter if the
>> implementation is Cg, GLSL, or GL_ARB_*_program.  Thus, you shouldn't
>> need to make any changes to it.  That said, we may have forgotten some
>> generic functionality that you require, for example a method to check to
>> see if the current shader is supported by hardware.  Either way, I would
>> like to see the code before it's checked in.
>> Second, the intention of the vtkShaderProgram hierarchy is to have a
>> different vtkShaderProgram subclass for each shader API and method for
>> specifying shader programs.  Thus, I think a better implementation is to
>> leave vtkGLSLShaderProgram untouched and instead make a new class
>> (vtkOpenGLShaderProgram?) that implements a shader using OpenGL 1.1
>> extensions.  The VTK shader code was designed this way specifically to
>> prevent "messy" (your word, not mine) code that has to handle multiple
>> implementations with lots of conditionals.
>> -Ken
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>>> A while back, I made some changes to my copies of 
>>> vtkShaderProgram.cxx ,vtkShaderProgram.h ,vtkGLSLShader.cxx 
>>> ,vtkGLSLShader.h ,vtkGLSLShaderProgram.cxx
>>> so that they will function without OpenGL2 but instead use Gl 
>>> Extensions (vertex program, shader program etc etc). I've been 
>>> sitting on these changes for some time in the hope I'd get time to 
>>> clean them and create some "proxy" or other delegate type object to 
>>> make them a bit less messy
>>> - they are full of if (opengl2supported) then {...} otherwise {...} 
>>> but the functionality is essentially the same for either case.
>>> I'm going to check these changes in, because I don't think I'm ever 
>>> going to find time to do a better job of it.
>>> It primarily lets on do GLSL stuff on some laptops and desktops that 
>>> don't have gl2 drivers.
>>> any objections or comments, please send...
>>> JB
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