[vtk-developers] LookupTable + ImagePlaneWidget

Dean Inglis dean.inglis at camris.ca
Tue May 2 15:05:33 EDT 2006


you need to access the buffer from the underlying vtkImageMapToColors:
vtkImageMapToColors  *ColorMap;

since the resliced output gets set in:

void vtkImagePlaneWidget::SetInput(vtkDataSet* input)

you can set the color map externally due to the following macro
defined in vtkImagePlaneWidget.cxx:

vtkCxxSetObjectMacro(vtkImagePlaneWidget, ColorMap, vtkImageMapToColors);

just do

vtkImageMapToColors* myColorMap = vtkImageMapToColors::New();

and access the buffer as you like.

In future, please post such questions to the user's list and not the
developer's list.


I'm using the vtkImagePlaneWidget in my project for a 3d recontitution use,
under Qt.
but I'm not using the vtkViewer but an OpenGl widget (QGLWidget), so I
recover the adresse of the image-buffer like following :
uchar * Imgbuffer;
Imgbuffer =(uchar *)planeX->GetResliceOutput()->GetScalarPointer();
After that I create the image using Qt routines then I display its texture
in the QGLWidget.
the problem that when I use the SetWindowLevel (double window, double
level), the appearance of the image in QVTKwidget ( that I use for test) is
changing while I'm changing the values of Window and level but when I
recover the buffer of  the image nothing change.
So, is it possible to telle me , how can I recover the changer image by the
lookupthable or how to recover the lookuptable and use after that to change
my image.
thak you!

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