[vtk-developers] A possible Ensight bug?

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Wed Apr 26 08:29:56 EDT 2006

Hi John,

I just took a quick look at the EnSight readers in VTK.  They are 
assuming that the ids in the particle file are valid as cell ids in 
VTK (i.e., numbered from 0).  The EnSight documentation we have here 
does not indicate whether the particle ids should be numbered 
starting from 0 or from 1.

- Amy

At 07:16 AM 4/26/2006, John Biddiscombe wrote:
>I'm reading particles from an ensight file and I've been noticing 
>that I get nasty effects. After a lengthy bit of debugging, I find 
>that for this example below with 100000 particles, the points are 
>generated correctly, but the Vertex Cells are numbererd 1-100000 
>instead of 0 to 99999, which means that the final point in the list is garbage.
>Can anyone confirm is this is an Ensight bug, or perhaps, the input 
>file (extract below) is numbered incorrectly
>Particle positions dataset in Ensight format
>particle coordinates
>   100000
>        1-8.85646E-02-1.17152E-01 2.53629E-02
>        2-8.94967E-02-1.16437E-01 8.30091E-03
>        3-1.18068E-01-8.73709E-02 2.25589E-02
>        4-1.26608E-01-7.45923E-02 3.06231E-02
>        5-1.25651E-01-7.60931E-02 2.42047E-02
>        6-1.21370E-01-8.28119E-02 1.69088E-02
>        7-1.32129E-01-6.42284E-02 3.28655E-02
>        8-1.32633E-01-6.32604E-02 2.69657E-02
>        9-1.32304E-01-5.13977E-02 2.71431E-02
>       10-1.36591E-01-5.40008E-02 3.04352E-02
>... for another 99989 points
>I'm worried because Ensight is used so often around here that there 
>can't really be a bug in the reader - and if the input file is wrong 
>then I have to renumber loads of data files. However, a reader 
>should never generate cellIDs that are larger than the input point 
>list, so there is a bug of some kind (at least not reporting an 
>input file error?)
>Anyone have any Insight on this (no pun intended!)
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