[vtk-developers] new pipeline slowness

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Thu Jun 9 17:26:41 EDT 2005

Yianis Nikolaou wrote:

> hi clint,
> I would like to confirm the behaviour you reported. In fact some time 
> ago I added to the bug tracker the
> Bug #1465 - Performance decrease in vtk 4.5 when using large number of 
> actors

Yeah, I have lots of actors too.
We've narrowed it down to where the slowdow is and there are some ideas 
for improvements.

> I am still not certain if, due to the pipeline changes, I should 
> change my programs in order to increase the performance.

You could evaluate your programs for if you can have fewer actors and 
larger datasets, which is what vtk is optimized for.


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