[vtk-developers] Wrappers and signed char

tom fogal tfogal at apollo.sr.unh.edu
Thu Jul 21 20:08:11 EDT 2005

 <42E006C8.3080306 at kitware.com>Brad King writes:
>David Gobbi wrote:
>> I saw that you added "signed char" support to the wrappers.  Adding new 
>> types to the wrappers is good, but if you're not careful, you'll run out 
>> of available types pretty fast!  You're already up to 0xD, so only 0xE 
>> and 0xF remain.
>When we run out of types we can just shift everything over one digit and 
>then we'll have 256 types.  Alternatively someone could implement a real 
>type system that is actually readable and avoids duplicating the 
>enumerations in Tcl/Java/Python/ClientServer/etc wrapper generators.

Not that I foresee anyone picking up this task anytime soon, but it
would be really great if all this wrapping stuff switched over to using
SWIG. It seems to be very popular and I'm not sure if there are even
any other tools that could wrap the breadth of languages that VTK

Just my $0.02,



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