[vtk-developers] Taming contrained font size in vtkTextMapper

John Platt jcplatt at lineone.net
Thu Jul 7 17:11:49 EDT 2005

Hi all,


The font size used in scalar bar and XY plots titles often becomes
excessive when only a small number of characters are involved. A simple
way to mitigate this is to set a font size ceiling on the vtkTextMapper
constrained font size methods.


Typical use for vtkXYPlotActor, for example, would be




The required changes are




  // Description:

  // Set a ceiling on the font size determined by the constrained font

  // methods. No ceiling is applied for a zero size (the default).

  vtkSetClampMacro(FontSizeCeiling, int, 0, 100);

  vtkGetMacro(FontSizeCeiling, int);



  int  FontSizeCeiling;






  // No ceiling on the font size is applied on construction.

  this->FontSizeCeiling = 0;


void vtkTextMapperEx::PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent)


  os << indent << "FontSizeCeiling: " << this->FontSizeCeiling << "\n";


int vtkTextMapperEx::SetConstrainedFontSize()


before return insert


  if ( this->FontSizeCeiling && fontSize > this->FontSizeCeiling 


     fontSize = this->FontSizeCeiling;

     tprop->SetFontSize( this->FontSizeCeiling );



Some further work will be required to expose more of the text actors but
this gets the ball rolling.


If there are no obvious problems, I would really appreciate it if this
enhancement could be made.


Many thanks




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