[vtk-developers] Widget directory + Tcl wrapping errs

dean.inglis at camris.ca dean.inglis at camris.ca
Tue Jul 5 17:28:44 EDT 2005


a few more observations re. Widgets directory & changes:


still contain #ifdefs for vars 

so, I'm not sure if Brad & Will had
agreed to completely remove them
from VTK, or to use
etc. where required.  I fixed it in my build
and now Tcl wrapping works fine.  

Also, this may be only specific to Borland
(or is this a CMake bug?)
but the linker error I experienced came from trying
to build HybridCxxTests from non-existent tests,
(moved to Widgets) so the Cxx subdir should either 
be removed from Hybrid or in /Hybrid/CMakeLists.txt
remove SUBDIRS(Cxx).

Shall I commit the fixes?


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