[vtk-developers] Patch to vtkWrapPython.c to make wrapped Python code GIL-friendly

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Mon Jul 4 06:38:10 EDT 2005

>>>>> "SN" == Sander Niemeijer <niemeijer at science-and-technology.nl> writes:

    SN> My question is: is there a reason why (at least for Python 2.3
    SN> and up) these functions are not used to properly grab the GIL?

    SN> More info about the PyGILState functions can also be found in
    SN> the PEP <http://python.fyxm.net/peps/pep-0311.html>

I am not sure why this has not been accepted into the core.  Google
does not seem to offer any help.

    SN> Unfortunately I am not that familiar with Python threading
    SN> issues, but shouldn't the following functions in
    SN> vtkPythonUtil.cxx also be equipped with GIL grabbers?
    SN> - vtkPythonVoidFunc
    SN> - vtkPythonVoidFuncArgDelete
    SN> - vtkPythonDeleteCommand::Execute

Yes, I would think so.  I am not sure if Charl has looked at those.
If not, good catch!


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