[vtk-developers] vtkPatented copyright...

Goodwin Lawlor goodwin.lawlor at ucd.ie
Mon Jan 24 15:01:41 EST 2005

Hi All,

Can I distribute a binary (
http://www.bioengineering-research.com/vtk/vtkit.htm ), for free, that
includes the vtkPatented library- so long as the kitware copyright appears
along with it? I know users had to compile the patented library before- a
binary couldn't be download from kitware (this may have changed).

Could someone use VTKit to make a starpack (commercial) application that
didn't use the vtkPatented library but had the library linked. Or should
there be a non-vtkPatented version of VTKit aswell?

I presume if someone wanted to use the patented classes in VTKit, they could
apply for a license from the appropiate source?



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