[vtk-developers] GL Extension Wrangler library

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Feb 18 19:49:23 EST 2005

> Just posting to keep this thread alive. I'm pleased to say that I now have 
> a
> vtkOpenGlPolyDataPointSpriteMapper up and running and it uses a number of
> extensions. I'm using GLEW for the extension checking and I must say it
> makes things very easy indeed. Also it took about 5 minutes to cmakeify it
> and I've been experimenting on both linux and windows on many machines and
> it has performed flawlessy on them all.
> I now want to extend the code to handle 3D textures etc (someone posted a
> vtkTexture3D a long time ago too) for particles that can change their
> appearance with time. So I'd like to see extensions becoming mainstream. 
> I'm
> planning some vertex and pixel shader mappers next.
> I see that it's February now, so I hope vtkPainter is still planned for
> discussion.
> JB
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> John,
> Thanks for your show of support.  It is always good to see others
> interested and will help to convince the VTK maintainers to adopt the
> code.
> To get things rolling, Gary Templet and I (the authors of the code and
> Wiki documents) are planning to meet with Kitware in person to discuss
> the advantages and issues regarding inserting this code into VTK.  Gary
> and I have not yet made arrangements, but were thinking sometime in
> February.
> -Ken

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