[vtk-developers] Re: GUISupport directory ?

de Boer Ingo I.deBoer at polytec.de
Fri Feb 18 02:58:26 EST 2005

> I think double clicks are important too.  But I don't think the CView 
> should have to deal with that.
Imagine the following situation (which is common, I think). You want
to display a properties dialog on the double click. How do you handle
that ? The properties dialog is handeled by the application or view.

> That printing feature you are referring to seems specific to 
> the CView class.  Perhaps we make a CView derived class, vtkMFCView
> or something, and put that in GUISupport/MFC which uses vtkMFCWindow
> and adds printing support among any other useful things.
This is already in the samples. The generic class has also a print
> Does that give you everything you need?
I'd say so ;)


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