[vtk-developers] GUISupport directory ?

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Feb 2 18:31:28 EST 2005

At 2/2/2005 03:32 PM, Clinton Stimpson wrote:

>It was first brought up in the middle of December.  And a couple times 
>since then.

You mean, in vtk-dev, outside of the QVTKWidget discussion/thread ?

>>- So far I see only a QVTKWidget class at the top level, it starts with a 
>>Q, so I'll make a very smart assumption that it is related to Qt... Maybe 
>>GUISupport could be organized by GUIs, say Qt/, KDE/, wxWidget/, MFC/ ?
>I had thought about that.  But didn't do it because the Rendering 
>directory not having subdirectories for Carbon, Cocoa, X, Win32, or whatever.

That makes more sense for Rendering, but a GUISupport directory sounds like 
a pretty big top directory for 3 classes, especially considering the 
restricted Qt licensing on this set of files :) Maybe we can try to make 
sure GUISupport does not end up the way Hybrid/ is : I'd suggest you split 
GUISupport into GUIs and you eventually slowly move stuff around in the 
future (like MFC). Even between GUI's, it is very likely that we are going 
to see multiple valid projects supporting the same UI (there are already 
many for Qt), so a subdir for each project might be a good idea too 
(Qt/QVTKWidget). It sounds easier to read/browse/maintain if each one is 
separated. Unless I'm mistaken, each project is a separate lib, so there is 
no constraint for a flat structure...

>>- How does it (or is it going to) relate to (or overlap with) the GUI 
>>classes and support code already in Wrapping/Python (Qt too, Tk, wx), 
>>Wrapping/Tcl, or even Examples/GUI (SampleMFC/, vtkMFC/ etc).
>I'm not totally sure on this.  Things look a bit scattered around right now.

Especially with an additional top GUISupport/ directory now :) OK, kidding. 
The directory structure regarding GUIs is language based at the moment 
because it evolved out of the old Wrapping/ directory, which was divided 
into languages sub-directories ; GUI support code has been provided over 
the time inside each subdir for each specific language (i.e. Tcl has Tk, 
Python has Tk, Qt, wxWidget, Java has, well, whatever Java has), etc. But a 
C++ Qt VTK widget does not really belong to Wrapping/, I agree.

>I think the MFC stuff should be moved into the GUISupport directory and 
>perhaps polished up if necessary to work for almost anyone, if not anyone.

Sure. Since you created that central place, GUISupport/, I'll leave that up 
to you :)

Anyhow. Just my 2 cents.  My feeling was just that if GUISupport/ is only 
for a couple of classes with restricted licensing, then it probably belongs 
to Utilities/GUISupport/QVTKWidget or more likely Example/GUI/QVTKWidget. 
This is a big tree already. I would guess a newbie looking at the top dir 
would expect GUISupport/ to hold more GUI stuff.


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