[vtk-developers] FYI: Parametric functions...

Michael Halle mhalle at bwh.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 1 11:15:04 EST 2005

On Feb 1, 2005, at 10:52 AM, Will Schroeder wrote:

> Here's an update on some new classes going into VTK: the 
> vtkParametricFunctions.
> + A long time ago Bill L. checked in the Cardinal and Kochanek 
> splines. They are very nice, and I've been wanting to better integrate 
> them into VTK. For example, provide ways to easily interpolate 3D 
> points (in the past you had to create three splines for each of x-y-z, 
> etc.) Since that time, I've also been working on a framework to allow 
> different splines to be plugged in (hence the vtkSpline superclass).

That's super.  I've wanted this functionality for a long
time.  Thanks!

Now, to look a gift horse in the mouth, admire his teeth,
and ask if he can race :), what are the chances for a
complete unification of the various functions in VTK?

There are the spline functions, the piecewise linear
functions for volume rendering, and the implicit functions.
I could even see them in filter kernels. It would be really
great to be able to have a vtkFunction superclass for all
of them, and be able to consolidate them all to some extent.
Seems like there's plenty of commonality, especially when
you go to higher dimensions with separable functions.

mhalle @ bwh.harvard.edu

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