[vtk-developers] Making vtkImageActor a vtkProp3D

David Gobbi dgobbi at imaging.robarts.ca
Mon May 10 11:10:11 EDT 2004

Hi Ken,

The change would enable the use of a transformation matrix with

For example, if I load a DICOM image into VTK, I usually want my
VTK world coordinate system to match the DICOM patient coordinate
system.  In order to do this, I have to apply a viewing transformation
to the image so that it appears in the correct orientation and position
wrt world coordinates.  (note: I do not use VTK's built-in DICOM reader)

The change adds a lot of flexibility and hardly adds any complexity to
vtkImageActor.  The only place where it adds complexity is, unfortunately,
in vtkPicker which will need some special-case code to support picking
of a transformed vtkImageActor.

 - David

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Ken Martin wrote:

> Hi David,
> What is the functionality change? Does this enable any new features? E.g.
> what is the motivation for this? I have nothing against the idea, I am just
> curious if there is an up side.
> Thanks
> Ken
> > I want to promote vtkImageActor from a vtkProp to a vtkProp3D,
> > but before I do, does everyone think this is a good idea?  (Or
> > more to the point, does anyone think this is a bad idea?)
> >
> > The change is straightforward except for some messy code that will
> > have to be added to vtkPicker so that vtkImageActor picking will
> > continue to work.
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