[vtk-developers] Exceptions

Hank Childs childs3 at llnl.gov
Mon Mar 22 11:55:07 EST 2004

> Other comments? Feedback?

(Bad) On AIX and Tru64, with g++-2.95 (and potentially later versions as well 
-- I don't know, we still have 2.95 on many platforms) throwing an exception 
from a shared library crashes your program.  We didn't find this out until we 
went *way* down the exceptions path.  We had to implement a big macro system 
where people called THROW and CATCH instead of throw and catch.  If it was a 
platform where exceptions weren't handled, THROW and CATCH would evaluate to 
setjmp/longjmp.  Barf.

When I discovered this, there was a page listing known bugs for g++-2.95 that 
disclosed this.  The page is no longer accessible, but I found the key text 
in an e-mail I sent in September of 2001.

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