[vtk-developers] Some files moved Common to Filtering

François Bertel francois.bertel at kitware.com
Wed Aug 18 16:53:00 EDT 2004


About 70 classes moved from Common to Filtering.

The reason is that Paraview could not be compiled with MS Visual C++ 6.0 
anymore: the number of Custom Build lines generated for vtkCommonCS
reached the limit of the compiler.

The classes involved are all related to vtkDataObject (datasets, cells, 
vtkSource, point and cell datas, the new pipeline classes ).

Common is basically now restricted to memory management (smart pointers, 
garbage collector), raw data structures (vtkDoubleArray,..),
mathematical tools (vtkMatrix4x4,...), system specific mechanisms 
(multithreading, time) and wrappers.

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