[vtk-developers] vtkImageIterator: please...

Mathieu Malaterre Mathieu.Malaterre at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Tue May 20 09:34:37 EDT 2003

Hi all,

	I am very sorry to bug you with such a simple problem, but I really 
don't understand what's wrong. This is my last attempt, I promised not 
to bug any of you again with this problem.

	As I didn't get no answer from my mails (*), I assume there is 
something I am doing wrong. Could someone told me why the segmentation 
fault I had with my program could not be fixed with the code I proposed 
by adding:

      this->SpanEndPointer += this->ContinuousIncrements[2];

	And the complete version is:

template <class DType>
void vtkImageIterator<DType>::NextSpan()
    this->Pointer += this->Increments[1];
    this->SpanEndPointer += this->Increments[1];
    if (this->Pointer >= this->SliceEndPointer)
      this->Pointer += this->ContinuousIncrements[2];
      this->SpanEndPointer += this->ContinuousIncrements[2]; //<- here
      this->SliceEndPointer += this->Increments[2];

	If you don't have time to answer, could you just point me out some 
documentations about how 'extents' are handle internally in VTK (showing 
that I don't need to update SpanEndPointer).

Thanks a lot,


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