[vtk-developers] coverage of vtkImagePlaneWidget - vtkTextMap per pb

Lorensen, William E (Research) lorensen at crd.ge.com
Tue May 28 08:38:13 EDT 2002

Text renders differently on many machines. If you can remove the text for the test, that would be
great. Otherwise we'll have to generate alternate images for many architectures. It is possible, but
a pain...


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Hi all,

vtkImagePlaneWidget's coverage is now up but the test fails on many machines
due to the way text is rendered.  There has also been a long standing pb
with TestTiling on my two builds here (Win2k.bcc32, WinXP_bcc32) and
1) can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?
2) should I alter the test? i.e. remove the text that shows the z-slice


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