[vtk-developers] certain libraries included twice

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Fri May 24 15:41:56 EDT 2002

cmake now keeps track of which libraries are used by a library and adds them to a link line.
Since -lm and -lpthreads are done at the top of vtk all libraries need them.  The get repeated because if a library needs a library it must come after it on the link line.

Anyway, you should be able to repeat -lm without this problem.

I did a quick google search, and found this:

> Yesterday, I attempted to play with KDE 2.2Beta. During the compilation of the multimedia package, I get an error sayinhg that the > linker cannot create application becuase clog@@GLIBC_2.1 cannot be found... Rebuild your glibc, and this time don't include the --disable-versioning or --enable-oldest-abi flags. 

At 03:27 PM 5/24/2002 -0400, David Gobbi wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've been having a funny build problem for the past week, I was hoping
>that it would vanish on its own but it hasn't.  I'm on linux (redhat 7.1)
>with gcc-2.95.3 rather than the default gcc-2.96-85.
>In every link line I have -lm appear twice, and (for some unknown reason)
>this leads to the following link error:
>   undefined versioned symbol name clog@@GLIBC_2.1
>So my questions are
> 1) Has anyone else seen a similar problem?
> 2) Why does cmake list several libraries (-lpthread, -ldl, -lm) twice
>    when it links the shared libraries?
> - David
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