[vtk-developers] IRC log for 21 May 2002.

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Tue May 21 11:31:03 EDT 2002


><legoandy>      I am working on a tcl script which will go through vtk 
>header and cxx file
><legoandy>      and check the validity of it


><legoandy>      then we can add parts to it
><KenMartin>     OK, and we should make sure any new classes we add follow 
>the spec?
><legoandy>      For example, every vtkSet should have vtkGet and so on

But not constrain the other way around, right ? (i.e. there are places 
where you don't want people to modify an attribute that way).

Sebastien Barre

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