[vtk-developers] A Widget Related Question

John Biddiscombe jbiddiscombe at skippingmouse.co.uk
Thu May 16 19:33:02 EDT 2002

> > >and is there any objection to exporting some implicit
> > >functions too?
> >
> > Go for it.
> Sorry to badger, but could you add the RealiseGeometry() (or something
> similar that calls PlaneSource->Update() and this->PositionHandles())
> to the PlaneWidget while you're at it?

Apologies, I appeared to be suffering from "not being able to read the
code-itis" when I posted my question. I notice the implicit functions are
there already and I understand the need for the ShallowCopy, so I don't
immediately want to modify any code.

However, I'm tempted to suggest this...

vtk3Dwidget -> vtkPolyDataSourceWidget -> vtkBoxWidget
                                       -> vtkLineWidget
                                       -> vtkSphereWidget
                                       -> vtkPlaneWidget
                                       -> etc
as then certain "bookkeeping" code can be unified between all of them (and
it'd make my life easier as I can write a single base class wrapper with the
complex bits in - and derive the rest from it). This may also prove to be
advantageous from your "RealiseGeometry" point of view.
(I'd like to do the same for the ImplicitFunction exports too, but there's
no Implicit vtkLine!)


Charl. I presume you've modified your local copy of PlaneWidget to add the
functions you need already?

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