[vtk-developers] Re: [vtkusers] wxVTKRenderWindow + vtk3DWidget + vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Mon May 13 09:32:38 EDT 2002

At 5/13/2002 09:22 AM, Charl P. Botha wrote:
>It seems the problem was in vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractor.h.  Could one
>of the developers please apply the attached diff?
>The vtkTypeRevisionMacro call has vtkObject as the superclass instead of

Nasty :)
Sadly, this is not the first time I find that kind of pb, and it is 
difficult to track. It seems it has been like that since the beginning for 
that class.
I guess one day somebody will have to write a Perl script :)

I'll fix that ASAP.

Sebastien Barre

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