[vtk-developers] Win2k testing blues

Dean Inglis dean.inglis at on.aibn.com
Thu May 9 16:13:15 EDT 2002


ExtractTensors.tcl on Borland Win2k dashboard has a pb with

vtkProbeFilter probe
  probe SetInput [contour GetOutput]
  probe SetSource [ptLoad GetOutput]

vtkLoopSubdivisionFilter su
  su SetInput [probe GetOutput]
  su SetNumberOfSubdivisions 2

vtkPolyDataMapper s1Mapper
    s1Mapper SetInput [probe GetOutput]
    s1Mapper SetInput [su GetOutput]  <--- this is the culprit

vtkActor s1Actor
    s1Actor SetMapper s1Mapper

commenting out s1Mapper SetInput [su GetOutput] seems to produce a 
valid image/test, otherwise I get 

The exception Floating-point invalid operation.
(0x0000090) occurred in the application at location 0x6911c20b.
The instruction "0x325024fe" referenced memory at "0x01009430".  
The memory could not be "read".


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