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Tue May 7 10:42:57 EDT 2002

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May 07 09:58:31 <legoandy>	I am doing logging
May 07 09:58:33 <SebastienB>	I'm logging the session
May 07 09:58:44 <will>	Thanks Seb
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May 07 09:59:42 <KenMartin>	If Prabhu doesn't show up ...
May 07 09:59:47 <legoandy>	Huh, I guess I do not exist...
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May 07 10:07:56 <legoandy>	hello
May 07 10:08:01 <KenMartin>	hello
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May 07 10:08:23 <legoandy>	Finally somebody not from VTK
May 07 10:08:28 <legoandy>	(from kitware)
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May 07 10:09:03 <KenMartin>	bigguy == Bill ?
May 07 10:09:07 <bigguy>	there were network problems
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May 07 10:09:49 <bigguy>	that's me
May 07 10:10:25 <KenMartin>	Ami I missing something or is Prabhu not here?
May 07 10:10:27 <bigguy>	thanks to will for reminding me
May 07 10:10:41 <legoandy>	Maybe somebody should remind Prabhu
May 07 10:10:50 <bigguy>	easy now
May 07 10:10:58 <KenMartin>	For that matter, no one outside of GE/Kitware is here
May 07 10:11:04 <hoffman>	He does not just sit around readying his email...
May 07 10:11:16 <bigguy>	i could just call you guys
May 07 10:11:19 <SebastienB>	We might experience a IRC netsplit, so it is possible that the rest of guys are on a different #vtk
May 07 10:11:35 <SebastienB>	Usual stuff. The resync will happen slowly
May 07 10:11:36 <bigguy>	i'm in thru the cgi
May 07 10:11:45 <legoandy>	We are on the same irc server, so, no...
May 07 10:12:04 <SebastienB>	I'm not
May 07 10:12:15 <bigguy>	shall we start
May 07 10:12:16 <hoffman>	Is there a text to voice program to go with this chat stuff?
May 07 10:12:27 ---	#VTK ~sebastien tripoint.kitware.com irc.openprojects.net SebastienB H :0 Sebastien Barre
May 07 10:12:28 <hoffman>	We could pick voices for people....
May 07 10:12:31 <bigguy>	it's called a phone
May 07 10:12:39 <SebastienB>	no, it's called Voice Over Air
May 07 10:13:06 <legoandy>	Wireless..
May 07 10:13:17 <hoffman>	I would pick donald duck for SebastienB
May 07 10:13:19 <KenMartin>	Enough, Thanks to the folks who updated the FAQ entries for the changes since 4.0
May 07 10:13:31 <KenMartin>	I think everyone did what they said they would
May 07 10:13:36 <hoffman>	Not me...
May 07 10:13:49 <KenMartin>	OK Thanks to everyone except Bill
May 07 10:14:04 <KenMartin>	I don't have any open issues for the agenda, any one else?
May 07 10:14:12 <bigguy>	cvs access
May 07 10:14:24 <KenMartin>	any others?
May 07 10:14:28 <bigguy>	i have some warnings fixes ready to check in
May 07 10:14:29 <legoandy>	What is wrong with CVS?
May 07 10:14:39 <bigguy>	ken removed write access
May 07 10:14:56 <will>	Nothing is wrong with CVS< some folks just don't know how to stop checking stuff in
May 07 10:14:57 <legoandy>	Cool!
May 07 10:15:03 <will>	 It's a compulsion I guess
May 07 10:15:10 <KenMartin>	If there are no other issues lets talk about the dashboard
May 07 10:15:11 <will>	And things kept breaking...
May 07 10:15:36 <legoandy>	KenMartin is becomming Linus Torwalds?
May 07 10:15:43 <KenMartin>	Ken is just tired
May 07 10:16:01 <bigguy>	i know how you feel...
May 07 10:16:06 <KenMartin>	Bill, those are the threshold warnings?
May 07 10:16:11 <bigguy>	yes
May 07 10:16:15 <KenMartin>	How did you fix?
May 07 10:16:22 <bigguy>	better casting
May 07 10:16:41 <bigguy>	there was a major performance problem in threshold
May 07 10:16:48 <KenMartin>	OK, I'll add you back to writers and let you check those in
May 07 10:16:58 <bigguy>	that's all i need.
May 07 10:17:03 <bigguy>	no more i promise
May 07 10:17:10 <SebastienB>	this casting actually occurs in many filters
May 07 10:17:12 <KenMartin>	No debate on the perf issue, just would prefer to wait until later
May 07 10:17:45 <will>	Ken- do you think a CVS tag is in order once the dashboard is green?
May 07 10:17:51 <bigguy>	thanks. it's check in
May 07 10:17:58 <KenMartin>	You're back in Bill
May 07 10:18:01 <SebastienB>	bill: do we have a compatibility issue here ?
May 07 10:18:18 <bigguy>	huh?
May 07 10:18:27 <SebastienB>	bill: well, what about these people who still expect VTK to be slow enough to have a coffee ?
May 07 10:18:52 <bigguy>	also, i'm ready to check in the multi threader changes to allow concurrent threads
May 07 10:18:56 <bigguy>	ut this can wait
May 07 10:19:05 <bigguy>	but this can wait
May 07 10:19:15 <KenMartin>	let's hold off on it then 
May 07 10:19:22 <bigguy>	concurrent threads on solaris that is
May 07 10:19:29 <avila>	allow concurrent threads?
May 07 10:19:36 <avila>	oh
May 07 10:19:45 <bigguy>	vtk does not run conccurent threads on solaris
May 07 10:19:55 <bigguy>	simon warfield pointed this out a year ago
May 07 10:19:56 <avila>	I thought that had been fixed in the past....
May 07 10:19:58 <SebastienB>	bill: just out of curiosity, did you perform these tests on Debug, Release ? It seems that we noticed some strange reordering/optimization behaviour lately on Release build (.Net ?).
May 07 10:20:09 <bigguy>	i finally got around to trying iit in insight
May 07 10:20:28 <bigguy>	no, only affects soalris
May 07 10:20:35 <bigguy>	other platforms are fine
May 07 10:20:46 <legoandy>	Looks like Visual Studio optimization is funky...
May 07 10:20:59 <KenMartin>	BTW Will, I will tag the tree with something when it is green as you suggested
May 07 10:21:09 <legoandy>	"Types are not what they appear to be..."
May 07 10:21:30 <bigguy>	shall we go over the dashboard one line at a time and assign tasks
May 07 10:21:42 <avila>	can we make this a moving tag - like stable_version that people can always check out...?
May 07 10:22:02 <bigguy>	we use LatestVersion for dart and cmake i think
May 07 10:22:15 <bigguy>	sorry, LatestRelease, I guess that's different
May 07 10:22:22 <KenMartin>	I doubt there will be an opportunity to move the tag
May 07 10:22:41 <avila>	don't be so pessimistic (sp?)
May 07 10:23:00 <KenMartin>	Just based on observation of past dashboards, you have to go way back...
May 07 10:23:36 <KenMartin>	We could still have a PrettyGood tag :-)
May 07 10:23:39 <SebastienB>	I'm not sure we can guarantee such a stable_version. Let's be honnest and just say that it's a tag for green dashboard
May 07 10:23:48 <SebastienB>	SuperGreenTag is OK with me
May 07 10:24:02 <bigguy>	but it's not green
May 07 10:24:31 <KenMartin>	I'll look at the issues and recruit some help as needed to get things green.
May 07 10:24:56 <KenMartin>	The Utilities issue is worth considering though
May 07 10:24:58 <avila>	FairlyGreenTag then - I am not arguing the name, just suggesting the concept. Then we can document that people should check out this version and not need to update our documentation when a new "mostly green" version is tagged
May 07 10:25:16 <KenMartin>	A lot of work has gone into modifying jpeg, png to make them green
May 07 10:25:35 <KenMartin>	And there are still problems
May 07 10:25:53 <KenMartin>	I like the idea of the DartDontBotherWithThisSubdir approach
May 07 10:26:18 <bigguy>	sounds good to me
May 07 10:26:22 <legoandy>	We might also consider the notion of patching the original source instead of modifying it
May 07 10:26:30 <KenMartin>	We use if for coverage but really it should apply to compile wwarnings (not errors)
May 07 10:26:46 <SebastienB>	You mean, files for suggesting what to do, like .NoDartCoverage, .NoDartWarnings, or a unique file that would be parsed ?
May 07 10:26:53 <legoandy>	This way we can easily insert new version
May 07 10:26:57 <KenMartin>	Can someone look into suppressing warning in dart for some directories?
May 07 10:27:06 <bigguy>	we will
May 07 10:27:30 <KenMartin>	I don't care too much about the impl, just need the functionality
May 07 10:27:45 <KenMartin>	Thanks Bill
May 07 10:28:08 <bigguy>	can we talk about test coverage
May 07 10:28:19 <bigguy>	i think we're slacking off
May 07 10:28:20 <KenMartin>	I'll ignore the warnings in Utilites for now and assume we will deal with them in Dart
May 07 10:29:07 <legoandy>	How about "unreached code" in VTK?
May 07 10:29:15 <legoandy>	Should we ignore the warning?
May 07 10:29:27 <bigguy>	5
May 07 10:30:13 <KenMartin>	It depends on if the warning can be addressed, can it?
May 07 10:30:20 <legoandy>	In some places
May 07 10:30:26 <KenMartin>	But not all?
May 07 10:30:37 <legoandy>	The problem is when people use comparison with constant to determine if some code should execute or not
May 07 10:30:52 <legoandy>	VC will say hey, this will never happen...
May 07 10:31:00 <KenMartin>	Yes, that is tough to get around
May 07 10:31:13 <KenMartin>	We can discuss that offline
May 07 10:31:20 <legoandy>	You can reorganize the code though
May 07 10:31:31 <bigguy>	can we suppress with a pragma in particular files
May 07 10:31:45 <KenMartin>	RE: coverage, any suggestions?
May 07 10:32:06 <bigguy>	there a lot or red files
May 07 10:32:22 <bigguy>	maybe some classes should be removed if they are not used
May 07 10:32:31 <avila>	send a list to the developers list and have people sign up for getting them green
May 07 10:32:39 <bigguy>	the new interactor stuff seems to be under tested
May 07 10:32:50 <bigguy>	i like that lisa
May 07 10:33:02 <KenMartin>	That sounds good to me
May 07 10:33:20 <bigguy>	how about examples
May 07 10:33:25 <SebastienB>	bigguy: I'll have a look at that, but I've fix the old tests, and I've commit a new one today
May 07 10:33:25 <bigguy>	any plan to test them
May 07 10:33:38 <will>	The interactor stuff is a little tricky to dust because you have to assemble scripts of events
May 07 10:33:42 <bigguy>	i'm guessing some will not run
May 07 10:33:57 <KenMartin>	of course lets get the db green (other than the detailed coverage) first
May 07 10:34:02 <will>	I started creating an event logger but stopped until we could stabilize the dashboard.
May 07 10:34:04 <bigguy>	sure
May 07 10:34:57 <KenMartin>	So, Bill will divy up coverage files and email assignments to people, OK?
May 07 10:35:15 <bigguy>	sure
May 07 10:35:21 <will>	Okay
May 07 10:35:26 <KenMartin>	Thanks Bill
May 07 10:35:37 <SebastienB>	this is not what Lisa suggested, but ok with me.
May 07 10:36:26 <will>	sign up versus assign a task, the latter is more likely to get results
May 07 10:36:48 <legoandy>	How about something between
May 07 10:36:51 <avila>	people can send Bill email if they want to sign up for particular classes
May 07 10:36:52 <KenMartin>	If you really want to do some files send Bill an email and I'm sure he would be happy to put those in your basket
May 07 10:37:06 <bigguy>	never fear, i can handle the whip
May 07 10:37:39 <KenMartin>	next time we can just call Bill and save skip the IRC part
May 07 10:37:50 <bigguy>	or invite me up...
May 07 10:38:01 <KenMartin>	other issues?
May 07 10:38:07 <bigguy>	i'm going to visit bwh this week
May 07 10:38:10 <legoandy>	We could also just go out to a bar
May 07 10:38:19 <bigguy>	we are having a slicer fest
May 07 10:38:25 <KenMartin>	cool
May 07 10:38:28 <bigguy>	moving slicer to vtk4
May 07 10:38:40 <will>	I'll be on vacation :-)
May 07 10:38:42 <bigguy>	they already have most of it building with cmake
May 07 10:38:49 <KenMartin>	That's good news
May 07 10:39:06 <KenMartin>	OK, Thanks folk
May 07 10:39:09 <bigguy>	i'm going to look at classes that may be of genral use
May 07 10:39:21 <bigguy>	i'll run them by the list once the assessment is done
May 07 10:39:30 <KenMartin>	Always nice to have new classes
May 07 10:39:34 -->	jimbo (~jim at dutidad.twi.tudelft.nl) has joined #vtk
May 07 10:39:57 <KenMartin>	Alright see yall next time
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May 07 10:40:12 <jimbo>	Hey...l  just got here!!!
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