[vtk-developers] vtkSweptSurface and Visual Studio .NET

Lorensen, William E (Research) lorensen at crd.ge.com
Thu May 2 07:07:14 EDT 2002

I would rather not modify the algorithm. Let's wait to see of they get it right in the next service
pack. Your workaround is OK with me.


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If you look at one of the .NET dashboards for the last some time, you
will see that these two tests are failing. The cause of failing has to
do with brilliant MS developers which figured out that speed is more
important than accuracy. Fortunately they added option to compiler to
disable their surreal optimization techniques. I added test for Visual
Studio .NET in CMakeLists.txt file for vtkSweepSurface, which adds the
appropriate flag to compiler. Since this is a bad solution, I would ask
whoever knows about internals of Visual Studio .NET or vtkSwepSurface to
try to fix it. 

Just as a suggestion; there was similar type of problem in
vtkImageHSVtoRGB, which was solved by rearranging code. Before it first
calculated H and then S, but since these two operations are independent
I was able to swap them. Now it seems to be working. So, I suggest
shuffling the code.

				Andy Cedilnik

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