[vtk-developers] Make install and python

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.ca
Wed May 1 15:22:42 EDT 2002

On 1 May 2002, Andy Cedilnik wrote:

> Any special reason why make install does not install python modules?

It sure would be nice.  It just hasn't been done yet.
Prabhu will probably have more to say on this, he has thought
about it more than anyone else.

IMHO the proper place to install the modules (both the .py and .so files)
is in <path-to-python>/site-packages/VTKXX/ on UNIX machines and
<path-to-python>/VTKXX/ on Windows machines where XX is the VTK version
number e.g. 40, 42, etc.

The cleanest way to do this might be to provide a setup.py file that
works with the python distutils, and to have 'make install' run the
setup.py script.

The VTK binary installers also do not install the python modules,
and they are missing the vtkRenderingPythonTkWidgets.  If you are
willing to take the time to fix this, then I'm certainly willing
to help out.

 - David

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