[vtk-developers] thanks field deleted

Tim Hutton T.Hutton at eastman.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 28 12:38:10 EST 2002

At 12:19 28/01/2002 -0500, Lisa S. Avila wrote:
>>//.SECTION Created by (original author)
>>//.SECTION Contributors (in order of totalLinesAdded +
>>0.5*totalLinesSubtracted) for all contributors beyond X lines where X
>>is maybe 5? 10?
>I think it is a good idea. Maybe X should be a percentage of the number of 
>lines of code in a file, rather than an absolute number. For example, 10%. 
>This would limit the number of possible contributors to 10 for each class 
>too, which may be a nice thing!
>I suppose that the calculation should be for (file.cxx + file.h) with the 
>results stored in file.h.

I thought Ken was joking (sorry!). Do we really need this level of detail? 
Who would be interested?

Also, people other than those with CVS write-access make contributions, how 
would we factor that in?

Unless there's a pressing reason, can we leave things as they are (anyone 
who wants their name on their bit of code is welcome)?

(Aren't you worried that Kitware salaries will be index-linked to the 
individual's contribution-coefficient...? :)


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