[vtk-developers] thanks field deleted

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Mon Jan 28 09:15:33 EST 2002

I doubt this was intentional on Will's part, but now that I think
about it I think the list of contributors should be near the beginning
of the README files in VTK. I have often wished for a single prominent
place that would list all the contributors. I don't have a problem
with the thanks field in each file as well, other than I'd like it to
be out of the copyright.  I often copy the copyright for a new file
from whatever file happens to be in my emacs buffer. I usually forget
to remove the thanks field when I do this. Maybe it could be in the
documentation part of the header (or cxx). Just some random thoughts
on the issue.


> Hello developers,
> [light-hearted grumbling follows]
> I notice that most of the thanks fields have been deleted,
> presumably by
> the copyright update. Where's the gratitude...I ask you.
> Bad enough we
> should have to sign away the copyright on all our hard work...
> Tim.

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