[vtk-developers] Attention all test sites

Lorensen, William E (CRD) lorensen at crd.ge.com
Tue Jan 22 17:03:14 EST 2002

There was a test image misnamed. It was Imaging/TestEuclideanDIstanceCached.png

Note the upper case I. The nightlies were always passing since they created a new file
Imaging/TestEuclideanDistanceCached.png. Except, on the PC where case is ignored in file names.

This is a flaw in rtImageTest.tcl. It should report an error if the file does not exist in the
Baseline. The valid files are created by hand, so the error can be ignored by the test creator.


I renamed the file (in the repository). All test sites will report a conflict on cvs update.

Unix users can remove the valid image and do an update. PC user will have to remove the files (both
the good and bad one) and edit the CVS/Entries file to remove the bad file.

I'll fix rtImageTest.tcl when I check in some other updates to support RT on cygwin.


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