[vtk-developers] Bug: Tk + VTK apps crash on exit.

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.ca
Tue Jan 22 14:52:05 EST 2002

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

> >>>>> "DG" == David Gobbi <dgobbi at irus.rri.ca> writes:
>     DG> seems to have something to do with the garbage collection in
>     DG> python 2.x, and the fact that I resurrect python-vtk objects
>     DG> that are passed to VTK-C++, deleted from python, and then
>     DG> returned from VTK-C++.
> But why do you need to do something like that?

Let's just say that it's because of the interaction between VTK reference
counts and python reference counts, and because of all the nastiness
involved in making sure that object destruction is properly triggered.
If you're really interested, look at the code and either convince yourself
that it's right or convince yourself that it's wrong and find a better way
to do it.

 - David

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