[vtk-developers] Containers and... String

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Tue Jan 22 12:01:50 EST 2002


1) I don't think we need a bunch of containers. With vector, linked
list, and hash table we would probably be fine. Strings, red black
trees etc, I don't see a critical need for. They are nice but having
used STL strings for a while I've found little advantage over char *
and it creates a mess if the code uses both. Reference counted char *
could be vtkVector<char> or vtkCharArray.

2) I am a big opponent of operators for a bunch of reasons so I rather
avoid them.

3) Regarding a cleanup so that more is inherited frm vtkDataObject I
generally have to agree. That can be a nasty undertaking but I think
the basic idea is sound.


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