[vtk-developers] Testing files

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Wed Jan 9 10:17:04 EST 2002

I don't recall if I have mentioned this before but there is a program
that comes with cmake called ctest which is very useful for performing
quick tests prior to checking in changes. Typically I run ctest as...

cd vtkbin
ctest -R TestTiling

the -R tells ctest to only run tests that match the following regular
expression. In the above example it will only run tests that have the
text "TestTiling" somewhere in their title. Full regular expressions
are supported so multiple tests can be run. If no -R option is
provided ctest will run all the tests from the current directory and
any subdirectories. So if you have made some changes in Imaging you
can do a quick

cd vtkbin/Imaging/Testing

which will run all the tests in Imaging/Testing and below. One warning

cd vtkbin/Imaging

will run no tests because the CMakeList file for Imaging does not
include Testing as a subdirectory. That is done one level higher in
VTK/CMakeList. which includes Imaging/Testing as a subdirectory.


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