[vtk-developers] Recent problem with vtk and gcc

J.A. Lee jeff at cdnorthamerica.com
Wed Jan 2 08:16:59 EST 2002

I build shared with gcc, both 3.x and 2.95.2 on solaris 7/8.  I haven't 
seen any problems as of yet due to the instantiator, but I don't use the 
tcl wrappers.  I was going to post a message to find out what the  
Instantiator class was intended for, but I'm guessing that it has to do 
with serialization - why else would you want to instantiate a class with 
a string?  This might be a long-shot, but could it have something to do 
with your library path?  If you "ldd -r" on the vtk executable, do the 
paths look correct?

Bill Lorensen wrote:

>I'm having trouble on Solaris with gcc 2.95 and vtk when I build with shared libraries. The vtk executable aborts during startup. The debugger shows that "this = 0x00000" in the IOInstantiator. When I build static, all is well.
>Is anyone building vtk with shared libraries and gcc? This is, of course, a recent problem. I've been building vtk with shared libraries for some time now. I suspect some weirdness in the Instantiator wrt its static class variables.
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