[vtk-developers] Packaging VTK 4.0 for linux (was Python packages: status, suggestions.)

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Fri Nov 16 09:51:15 EST 2001

>>>>> "DJB" == "Blezek, Daniel J (CRD)" <blezek at crd.ge.com> writes:

    DJB> Prabhu & David, Part of the problem is that CMake hasn't been
    DJB> tweaked enough to make an RPM easy to install.  Python might
    DJB> be the toughest.  For the moment, it's very straightforward
    DJB> to make your environment point to vtk inside the build tree,
    DJB> suggesting that a .tgz file would be good to do.  Putting a
    DJB> VTKEnvironment.csh file inside that could be sourced would
    DJB> really help people out.  This is what I do (for Tcl, Python,
    DJB> but not java{which is similar}):

Indeed, this is pretty much what I do too.  I use bash and simply
source the following:


Hmm, maybe I'll add a contrib section in my tarball that will setup
things so that different shells can be used.


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