[vtk-developers] vtkWrapPython.c: truncated doc strings.

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Fri Nov 9 02:28:21 EST 2001


Noticed that doc strings for vtkpython longer than 4096 chars are
truncated.  More docs the merrier, so IMHO this is not a good thing to
do.  The offending code is in the quote_string function of
vtkWrapPython.c.  Why not bump up the allowed maxlen to a very large
number so that 99% of the docs are not truncated, like say
VTK_UNSIGNED_SHORT_MAX??  Or is there something that i am missing.

Also, BTW, I recently wrote a Python module that makes it easier to
use VTK and Python ineractively from the Python interpreter.  It also
features a help browser for VTK that allows one to search thru' VTK
class docs and then browse thru the classes that match the search (its
pretty fast).  The code is part of MayaVi and I might soon make a new
MayaVi release.  The reason it cant be a standalone module is that it
uses components from MayaVi and vtkPipeline.  So in case you are
interested in such things do check out a recent CVS copy of MayaVi or
if you want to look at the source look here:



You might think this is a shameless plug - well its just that I find
this search stuff very useful (its faster than searching thru a
browser) and thought others might like it too. :)


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