[vtk-developers] FYI --- Re: RE: [Cmake] Win32 "Blended" processor vs Pentium

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Tue Nov 6 09:58:52 EST 2001

Jim, I tried compiling with processor optimization under MSVC6 on a dual P$ NT
box with a very recent CVS nightly for VTK and did not find any speed up when
building the debug or release versions. I also tried optimizing for both the
Pentium setting and Pentium Pro setting but neither seemed to make any
difference with the Simple Sphere Benchmark. Perhaps this bench is not sensitive
to these optimizations??

regards, john

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Subject:      [Cmake] Win32 "Blended" processor vs
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Stephen Alyward mentioned the  other day that he has seen as much as a 2X
performance improvement if VC++ is  set to create instructions for the Pentium
processor as opposed to the "Blended"  mode which is the current default.

Has anyone else seen such  performance increases switching from "blended" to

Should CMake support changing  this setting? Or perhaps should we just the
default to be compile for  Pentium?  Are we worried about building applications
for people with 486's?  (I am currently getting pressure to pull machines with
less than a Pentium II  off our network :)

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