[vtk-developers] Proposed vtk directory structure

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Thu Jun 28 10:02:51 EDT 2001

At 28/06/2001 09:51 -0400, Ken Martin wrote:
>I think you are right about the Testing directories. They can be put
>under the package directories.  That is actually better since it hides
>testing from the new developer. At the top level they would not see a
>Testing directory.


>For examples I don't think they should be under the
>packages and at the top level.

There are pros and cons, so I guess the decision should be made. I'm OK 
with that one :). Moreover, I remember that it was not obvious for everyone 
to look into the current vtk/examplesTcl (holding frog and stuff) as there 
were already plenty of examples in the package's directories. So let's move 
everything in one place, at the top level.



>We could start off by cvs linking the current tests to the new
>structure and then move the more useful ones into the Examples tree
>and clean them up as we move them.

Good luck :)


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