[vtk-developers] vtknew tree and testing / examples

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Jun 27 13:38:57 EDT 2001

Hi Berk,

At 27/06/2001 13:19, Berk Geveci wrote:

> >>vtkExamples/Graphics/Tcl
> >>vtkExamples/Graphics/Python
> >>vtkExamples/Graphics/Cxx
> >>vtkTesting/Graphics/Tcl
> >>vtkTesting/Graphics/Python
> >>vtkTesting/Graphics/Cxx
>         This way, we would not have to 1) update the examples from the cvs
>         together with vtk,

I do not see why you want to separate both on that criterion. It looks 
important to me to keep both in-sync, and putting the examples in the 
package directory would enforce this, don't you think so ?

>2) type cd ../../../Imaging/Examples/Tcl to
>         change from the examples in Graphics to the examples in Imaging

I don't 'cd' very often :), but I looks more important to me to shorten the 
path from the package's code to the examples related to that package, than 
the path between the examples of different packages. Both for the 
developpers and these news users who are learning.

>         3) we can build the examples in place but vtk out of source.

What do you mean exactly ?

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