[vtk-developers] RE: [new tree] what happened to vtkImplicitModeller :)

John Biddiscombe jbiddiscombe at skippingmouse.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 09:35:17 EDT 2001

>Sorry John, I'm just wondering why you put that line in all CMakeLists 
>files, and not in a single place, i.e. vtkCMakeOptions.cmake ? Do you want 
>to customize at a package level ? I do not remember if 
>LocalUserOptions.cmake is searched in the current directory, or also in 
>${HOME} or something..

Yes. I wanted to put something like this in each directory, in IO I don't 
want any of the EnsightGoldThingy Readers, vtkVRMLImporter always fails to 
compile, I want to remove various other files which are unnecessary from 
various other directories (vtkImager, Win32OutputWindow and other stuff, 
lots of assorted "I don't like these" files...)

Correct. It isn't searching in the right directory. I only just discovered 
myself. I've just added a new
SOURCE_FILES_REMOVE(group list of files) to cmake and was testing it for 
the above purpose and discover it's reading from the wrong place.

How can I


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